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Her Story


Alexis Luv

Healing Hottie

Owner of Luv & Glow, LLC 

Spiritual Healer

Trap Angel 

Hi, I'm Alexis the Owner of Luv n Glow, llc. I'm proud of my creations and having the ability to enhance the confidence of others. I want to start by thanking you for being here and believing in me. What originally started as a problem in my life turned into me discovering my true passion within. I personally always struggled with having sensitive skin, constantly trying new products (literally every over the counter product), searching for answers when the answer was always within.


If you ask me I would tell you I didn't quite see myself having my very own handcrafted skin care line. I would tell you I always had faith in my purpose which I love and value making others feel good and empowering others. Skincare is a huge part of my journey as a healer, I started off healing my own skin, then friends and family next thing you know I went viral on twitter and everyone wanted to get some of my products. I seriously created a website in one day, I knew it was my time to walk in my purpose and provide healing to others. I've been researching and expanding my knowledge in skincare since I was 14 years old, I have a love for skincare whole heartedly.



The ultimate test of faith was when I had my daughter I was 16 pushing through school and just about to become a mother. I vowed to be the best mother I could be regardless of my circumstances. My daughter was born with Eczema which at the time I had no prior knowledge of the condition. As a mom you never want to see your kids in pain. My daughter would scratch until she bleeds, be up all night & constantly have flares. The Doctors prescribed her creams/oils that only provide temporary relief. I did my research and realized I did not want my child absorbing the steroids from the creams/oils and that I wanted to heal her condition not mask it. Through trial and error I started to formulate the perfect healing skin care routine for my mini-me and I've been perfecting my craft ever since. My daughter not only has minimal outbreaks and has beautiful glowing golden skin.


I am the Glow Goddess

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