Meet the Glow-Goddess

Alexis Luv

Hello, I'm Alexis T.  Founder of " Luv n' Glow" skincare products. This all started with a problem and a passion, growing up my skin was super sensitive and I could never enjoy drugstore products or smell good body care. I first started off making products in middle school  just for myself then my family and friends started to request personal products based on their skin type. For years, I was afraid to put myself out there and start my business but after I gained my strength & stepped out on faith I started to sell my products to the public. I truly believe that what is for you will be you just have to take a chance by walking by faith and put your ALL into what you desire.  As I embark on this journey I sincerely send luv and blessings to everyone that supports the " Luv n Glow' movement. My purpose is to heal and glow your skin and spread positive spiritual vibes which is why every batch I make I say a prayer and release my faith into the ingredients! 

"Let it Glow & Luv Your Skin"

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