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5 Ways to Embrace Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening or spiritual ascension is when your soul calls for you to shift to a higher consciousness and develop a stronger connection to the divine. A spiritual awakening is can be caused by different things it can be triggered by a life-changing event or come gradually in subtle way. During the process you experience transformation of mind, body, and soul in different ways. Awakening or enlightenment can be different for you vs. others because ultimately it is a Journey for YOU.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening:

  • Wanting to be alone and increase of solitude

  • Emotionally detached from family and friends

  • Unusual dreams

  • Noticing your own behaviors and patterns

  • Heightened sensitives to surroundings

  • A loss in desire for food and things you use to enjoy

  • Extreme fatigue

  • Experiencing emotional ups and downs

  • Synchronicities and angle numbers

  • Increased self-talk/inner dialogue

  • Feeling called to be in nature

As you begin to go through a spiritual awakening it can be overwhelming, confusing, lonely and feeling lost but it is a pathway to a beautiful transformation of you. Understand that this awakening doesn't necessarily have a final destination but helps you to have an enlightened journey. I created this blog as a tool to help guide you, uplift you and provide transparency from my point of view.

I would like to give you a few tips that helped me to embrace my awakening that I feel will be beneficial to you.

  1. Release. The best thing to do is to release emotions and express what is on your mind, holding things in can delay you and cause mental confusion. Some great ways to release is by journaling and writing your thoughts.

  2. Declutter. During the transformation it's a great time to get rid of old things and clear your space. I recommend doing a deep cleanse in your room/house, delete pictures and things from your phone, and declutter your mind.

  3. Go Outside. The energy that is available outside is sometimes overlooked but it is blissful and magical. Spending time in nature allows you to reconnect to divine and the universe. Try not to be distracted by your phone or other people I recommended starting with maybe 10 minutes outside daily or as much as you can.

  4. Practice self-care. During this time it's important to care for yourself as much as you can, and find new ways to express yourself. Be intentional with taking time out to do things you really enjoy such as painting, dancing, working out, going to the beach etc. As you grow/heal these things might change as well. Remember you are you're 1st priority to be there for others you must 1st be there for yourself.

  5. Expand your mind. At this time be open to exploring new beliefs and gaining new knowledge. Get ways to expand your mind is by reading books, listening to podcast, follow motivational people that inspire you. As you expand your mind you gain new insights, new ideas and new possibilities.

As you exit from the post I want you to know that you are supported on this journey and that as you find your true inner-self it gets better each phase of it. This is all apart of your journey it may seem scary because it feels "unknown" but this is who you were always destined to be. Smile, embrace it and GLOW.

-Luv & Glow

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