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7 Effective Daily Habits

  1. Avoid social media first thing in the morning, before starting your day make sure you are in alignment with yourself. It gives you time to be present with yourself and your reality. It helps you avoid being influenced by someone else energy for thing in the morning so you won't take it on throughout the day.

  2. Playing high vibrational/frequency music in the morning it helps to balance out the music that you may listen to throughout the day. It's a form of music therapy using sound waves to induce a state of mind to promote healing of the body and mind

  3. Meditation is very effective for boosting your mood and reducing stress levels. It's great for you to connect with yourself, practice breathing, and staying grounded.

  4. Set Intentions: Be intentionally with everything that you do, when you start your day by setting intentions your pretty much setting the tone of how your day is going to flow. You're letting your subconscious and the universe know what the game plan is for that day.

  5. Mirror Affirmation/ Mirror Gazing: This is very effective for boosting confidence, raising your vibrations and facing your inner self. Throughout this process I found myself showing more appreciation for the little things about me, pretty funny as well I'm always talking to myself anyway so now watching myself do it brings me joy.

  6. Be Active: Our bodies store a lot of energy and trauma so getting active will not only benefit you physically but energetically as well. Helps to boost your energy, weight loss and just overall boost your health. (Health is wealth)

  7. Drink Herbal Tea/Infused Water

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