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Goodbye Old Me : Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a powerful tool on your journey of evolving and healing I personally feel as if true forgiveness starts within you as an individual. The best way I learned to heal and what to focus on was by going within myself, majority of the issues we face in our outer reality or with other people is a direct reflection of something we struggle with within ourselves.

I like to look at this as gentle accountability because I don't want you to feel that you have done anything wrong or take forgiveness as a negative thing. I just found myself realizing that all the things I was seeking from others I didn't truly offer it to myself so for instance I would constantly feel like people don't listen to me and respect me but I started to ask myself well ok are you listening to yourself? Let's take a deeper look maybe you do listen to yourself but do you understand what your soul is telling you because it's not that you aren't listening maybe you're just misinterpreting what the message is. Respect?? Oh you want respect but you don't set boundaries with yourself ( WORD IS BOND) What do you tell yourself? Are you seeking to yourself respectfully? I'm just saying it's true you teach others how to treat you!!!

On this journey of life we face a lot of changes that we don’t always understand and in result of that we can then adapt a sabotaging habit of not trusting ourselves because we constantly need answers, we always want to know WHY? Rather we feel it consciously or subconsciously we will come to an conclusion for closure or just burry it within and find yourself saying "OH that's just how I am" . No it's not you had to learn how to cope the best way you knew at that time, so again you didn't do anything but what you knew best at that time. We're always going to adapt to try to survive our current circumstances, the thing is as you grow you have to release those coping mechanism and find better solutions that relate more to you now or you'll find yourself facing those same cycles just with different faces in different places.

Before I started to trust myself again I had to practice forgiveness within and patience so if and when I found myself acting out of memory I didn't beat myself up about it or feel bad about it. This is just a start so I don’t want to overload you too much I want you to start by being more understanding & compassionate with yourself almost as you would treat a child.

Aww they don't know no better, teach them <3

Here's a few reflection questions to help you start:

If you wrote a letter of forgiveness to yourself what would it say?

  1. Am I sacrificing personal needs for the benefit of others? If so, what are they?

  2. What does forgiveness mean to you?

  3. What are 3 things that if someone told you write now would make you feel loved and appreciated?

  4. What am I afraid of and why?

  5. What pisses you off the most of triggers you?

  6. If you could say one thing to the person who hurt you the most, what would you say?

  7. What about yourself don’t you like? Why not?

  8. List 5 things you will not tolerate from others? (Are you currently tolerating that from anyone)

  9. What emotions do you tend to avoid?

  10. Is there anything about yourself that your embarrassed of? If so, Why?

Breathe and allow it to just flow don't over think about any of these questions whatever comes to mind write it or speak. It's absolutely normal if you don't complete this list

(this is 2 months of reflection for me) be patient with yourself

If you do complete this list with no problem honey you're healing already you just needed to write it out :)

Any action you take from this I AM PROUD OF YOU

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