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Daily Shower Meditation

Ready to start a new healthy routine. Allow yourself to practice mindfulness and daily form of selfcare. Meditating in the shower can be a great way to start your day and end it as well.

Every time you take a shower you get a chance to release and restore your energy as well, showering for me is one of the highlights of my days. As I started to implement this into my daily routine my life started to shift in a positive manner. When you take a shower imagine yourself being cleansed mind, body and soul. This routine is a great start to practice mindfulness and meditation.

Tips for shower Meditation

  1. Set the tone: Start by lighting a candle, incense or aromatherapy. Take this time to place phone on 'Do not disturb or silent', or you can turn on some high vibrational frequency music.

  2. Feel free to add some crystals to your shower as well, great time to set intentions with your crystals for the day as well.

  3. Soon as you step into the shower take 3 deep breathes, close your eyes and let the water flow.

  4. While taking a shower visualize that the water is washing away everything you need to release. Take this time to say aloud or in your mind what you wish to release or overcome. (release affirmations below)

  5. Continue to focus on your breathing and your inner thoughts allow them to guide you as you release.

  6. Before getting out the shower take some time to say a positive affirmation(s). Use this time to charge yourself with whatever energy you may need for that day.

  7. As you exit the shower and get ready for your day shower gratitude. Show thanks to God, spirit, divine, angels, ancestors, etc. for your manifestations that are coming it.

Here below I have some starter affirmations with you I post different affirmations daily as well if you would like to see more follow us on @luvnglowco on Instagram. As you start this routine you will also know what affirmations you are called to do as well.

Releasing Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Today I release any energy that is not mine to carry

I am reclaiming my power/energy from all people, places and things.

I release any and all blockage that are known and unknow

I have everything I need to succeed right now in this moment.

I release myself from fear

I am abundant and I attract abundance

I release everything and everybody of the past or present that are no longer in alignment with my higher self.

I am beautiful and I am proud of me

I release limiting beliefs about myself and my talents

I am in alignment with my higher self

I release financial instability

I am free to show up as my authentic self in every space in any way.

I release my need to control the outcome and others

I am the sh*t can't nobody do it like me, I am a once in a lifetime kind of women and that's on me :) lol

I hope you found the message to be insightful I want you know to know I am proud of you for taking a step in becoming in alignment with yourself. As you start to incorporate this in your daily routine you will not only feel the shift in your life but see it, let me know how you've grown since using this method. I am so grateful for you reading the post and allowing me to be in abundance to you.

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