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Power of Setting Intentions Daily

What Does It Mean To Set An Intention?

An Intention is like setting the mood, making a bet with yourself and if you like it spicy it's almost like daring yourself. The beauty of setting intentions is that you can do it with anything and you can do it at anytime.

I know most of our lives we're told just go with the flow but what is the flow? Like who flow is it? So with me having the "main character" energy that I have I'm like "unt huh" let me take charge and action.

An intention is necessarily a goal it's more like a feeling or a way of being like "ENERGGYYYY"

The best way to start your day is by setting intentions and setting an expectation for your energy (something you can control). Setting your intention is you deciding what energy you want to feel and produce for that day before being influenced by outside forces. Now your intentions can align with whatever goals your working towards or changes your making in your life.

Personally as I added this simple yet powerful step to my daily routine I found myself being more productive and in alignment with my purpose. I feel as if I have more control over my emotions which led me to realize how powerful I am and that it's "my world y'all just living it".

Think about it normally we just roll out of bed and get straight into whatever our daily duties are rather that be working or being a parent we don't think about we just do it naturally. This may make you feel disconnected from yourself and your goals, may start to feel like your putting the needs of others above your own.

I have a daily reminder on the dresser that says :
"What you do everyday determines the life you live, so does your daily habits reflect the lifestyle you desire?"

This is a great way to uplift your mood and reprogram your subconscious mind.

Change your mindset and it will change your life, but they key is changing on purpose. One thing I know that's destined in this life is change, don't run from it embrace it.

Here's how to set intentions
  • Identify what areas you want to grow in.

Pick at least 2 areas you want to focus on but no more than 5. One of those areas should be something you personally want to change and the other should be a skill you want to improve on.

  • I highly recommend for starters set intentions weekly, by doing this you can focus on making it an habit and not overwhelming yourself.

  • Write your intentions in a journal and say them a loud! I personally prefer saying them in the mirror so the inner me know I mean business.

"Today I intend to..."

"Today I stand for...."

"Today I am showing up as..."

  • If you carry your journal with you reflect back to it through out the day or you can set a reminder on your phone.

  • Your intentions can change daily they don't have to remain the same. I do recommend as you start this practice start with a weekly focus.

keep in mind:
  • Look forward not back, your focus in no longer what you should have done in the past but what you are actively doing for your future.

  • Be patient and compassionate with yourself.

  • Practice gratitude, this is so important to be thankful for everything understand that it serves a higher purpose. The more you express gratitude the more abundance flows to you.

  • Be determined remember we are changing on purpose, you can do anything you put your mind to. WORK IT AND IT WILL WORK

  • BE TRUE TO YOU!!!! Remember to be authentic this journey is about you and nobody knows your soul like you do!!

Thank you for checking out my blog, sending you LUV as you grow!!

Check out my 'Daily Journal' worksheet below

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Daily Journal WRK 1
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