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Self love isn't just about skincare and bubble baths.

Dive deeper into who you are emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Becoming in alignment with yourself it's about being compassionate and patient as well as respecting your own journey.

While I totally agree how asethically I love the idea of self care buying yourself nice things & PINK (everywhere) sorry maybe that's just me. Throughout this self love journey I learned that it's so important to respect yourself and your journey. In a time where we are constantly exposed to what others deem as worthy, top tier or a "vibe" find your own definition to these things you know. It takes courage to sit with the most vulnerable parts of yourself, to heal those inner-child wounds, etc. Loving yourself requires you to be compassionate and understanding to who you are regardless of the journey you've been on, it's facing yourself rather than running away. Love yourself flaws and all because it's not another like you, NOT 1 now embrace it. Change the voice of that inner-critic we sometimes can be our own worst enemy so I personally changed the plot and became my own bestfriend. The real glow up in life is learning your worth, self-development and emotionally being available for yourself.

Take sometime to write 10 things you love about yourself and then read them aloud.

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