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Self Love Lessons: Ep 1-Love languages

We're starting a special series on self love because self love is the foundation of all things in life. I'm here to help guide and advise you with some of my personal self love methods and techniques that helped me on my journey. Self love and self-care is highly important because you have to be there for yourself before you can be there for others, and it's seriously the foundation of all things.

How to love yourself via Love Language:

Acts of service: Showing yourself love through acts of service is about doing things to makes your life easier or to run smoothly. It's the act of taking care of things that need to be done even if they're tedious or unpleasant. Some examples of acts of service include:

  • Organizing closet

  • Paying bills (in advance)

  • Completing project or assignment

  • Setting short term goals

  • Achieving budget/saving goals

  • Going to Therapy

  • Cleaning living space

Words of Affirmations: One of my personal favorites is words of affirmation. I want to express to you that only you hold the power to the words "I AM" nobody can say or set that message in the universe but you . If this is your love language you value words and reassurance you it's important for you to pay attention to how you speak to yourself and the things you tell others about yourself as well. Ways to love yourself in this language is :

  • Start a journal

  • Speak daily affirmations

  • Express gratitude of yourself

  • Read self-love books

  • Motivate yourself

  • Create Vision board

  • Make list of strengths and accomplishments

Quality Time: You are someone who values your time and what you choose to invest your energy in. If this is your love language it's highly important that you set aside time for yourself and do things that brings joy to you. Some ways you can spend quality time with yourself is by:

Spend time alone in nature

Practice weekly bath time / self-care routine

Read books


Enjoy hobbies from childhood

Watch movies, shows, etc. alone

Take self on date

Spa days, run errands, etc.

Receiving Gifts: The love language of receiving gifts is for those who value treating themselves and investing in things that bring you joy. It's some time misunderstood as shopaholic or materialistic but it's not that all. Things you can do to show yourself to love of receiving is :

  • Picking up a special treat from grocery store

  • Buying yourself flowers

  • Monthly subscription to something you love

  • Go on vacation

  • Do a DIY project

  • Buy something special as a milestone in life

  • Thrift shopping & donating

Physical Touch: Enjoying things that make your body feel and look good is a huge priority to you. Physical touch is the act of what keeps you going and in alignment with yourself. If this is your love language ways you can physical love yourself is by:

  • Working out

  • Dancing/singing

  • Wearing close to express yourself

  • Take a nap

  • Cook a meal

  • Get a massage

  • Self massage daily, rub down.

As you go on with your day I send you light and love on this journey of discovering your true self and what makes your soul smile. All it takes is for you to take the first step with courage, confidence and faith. You have everything you need right here in this moment, yes you have the power to pick yourself up every time no matter what. Enjoy your day and remember you're called to love yourself unconditional :)

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